Author FAQs

Does An Austin Author Affair work with publicists or assistants?
No. In order to forge the proper relationship between coordinators and authors, all communications must be direct. This removes the possibility of misunderstandings and will get the information directly to the person who needs it in the quickest time possible.

How do I sign up for panels and/or workshops?
We are not holding any this first year.

Do you offer editor and/or agent appointments?
Due to the condensed time frame of the debut year, there will be no appointments. They may be added in the future.

What does my registration cost pay for?
Registration is $100 plus broker fees. This pays for one table, the Friday meet and mingle with food and beverages, the Saturday Karaoke Party with snacks, beverages, and a bar, and snacks during the signing.

If you desire a second, or more tables, you will be required to pay for another author space registration per table.

What are the hotel requirements?
A 2-night stay is mandatory. It's where your readers are going to be, because they want to see you! Rooms are available from May 21-24, online. If you require more nights, simply contact the hotel after your initial registration and add them to the group block. Readers want to see you! Be where the readers are. 

What size are the tables provided?
Tables are 3x6, and will be one author tables. No required sharing. They will have tablecloths provided. You are free to add any extra, non-permanent embellishments.

Tables will be assigned. Please do not change your placement.

Are banners allowed?
Yes! We love pretty cover pictures. Please keep all images in the PG-17 realm or lower. Essentially, if it can be found on a movie poster or on a mainstream bookshelf, it is allowed.

Why are the T-shirt purchases mandatory?
In order to keep your overall costs down, we’ve implemented a T-shirt purchase for authors. This can be used as a keepsake, for a giveaway, or for later promotion. You may purchase as many as you like.

Why are there no refunds?
An Austin Author Affair is backed by a non-profit, which means there is no money earned on the event, by any person, administrator or staff. All monies collected are used to ensure all minimums are met with the hotel to give all attendees, authors and readers, the best experience possible.

There will be no at the door author registration for the event or signing.

All authors are required to be in the room 30 minutes prior to doors opening. Inability to appear on time forfeits your seat and you will not sign. There will be no refunds for tardiness.

Are media/press professionals allowed?
Not this first year. Allowances may be made in the future. An Austin Author Affair will have a staff photographer on site for our inaugural year.

When is setup?
Table setup will be open Saturday 8-10A. Have all your promotions, books, banners, and art erection completed by then. 

How do I get more information on An Austin Author Affair to attend future events?
We will begin accumulating 2016’s author list in the fall of 2014. Watch this site for updates and changes as they occur.

How can I stay current with planning?
In order to maintain one window of information, all author discourse will be delivered via Facebook. Once you have registered, please ensure you have the correct Facebook page(s) to receive current updates and any changes as they occur. The Authors only page is private. If you do not receive the link within 24 hours of registration, please contact an admin.  

It is the author's responsibility to keep informed about An Austin Author Affair.