Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Organizer's Recap:

After more than a year of planning the Austin Author Affair is officially behind us. We started with a lovely meet and greet Friday night, with ensuing Birthday Cake, laughs, and some lovely giveaways as authors and readers started the event off with a bang. It was a lively gathering with tons of great connections, smiles, and energy.

Saturday started casually with the signing opening at noon to a good count of VIPs and walk-ins (even with the dreadful weather). The Author Bingo was an applauded ice breaker, encouraging tons of first time introductions, many bonding to friendships. Even through some truly dreary and miserable weather (which if you're watching, we're still inundated with), a lot of readers drove in and stayed for the day, joining our VIPs in the festivities and some amazing offerings in baskets. All funds collected for those will be donated to the Jasper Animal Rescue Mission.

I made an attempt to say hi and speak with every author and reader I could during the entire event. I know I missed a few and want to apologize if I did. The one resonating fact that proved the success of this event was the authors, nearly to a book, sold out. Readers left with tons of bags and bags of new reading, and all to a person expressed the amount of fun, no stress, and camaraderie that encapsulated the entire weekend. The one statement that stuck out the most was everyone approached said they appreciated the smoothness of the event's flow. All could talk to any author they wished without the jostle and impatience typically found elsewhere. And to the Authors, I say a heartfelt heart emoticon thank you for your efforts to make every reader feel that specialness, because they truly are.

Saturday night was energetic, slightly wild, and packed with laughter, yummy food, and great music. The Karaoke presented by Torquere Press was an outstanding success. Many of us stayed until the house shut down at midnight, to the last possible minute -- Even through tornado warnings and watches, some spectacular lightning and rain that wouldn't quit, it was a hell of a party.

And with all of that, a special thank you to the Renaissance family for taking such good care of us, staying on top of the weather, and ready to assist in an instant if it had gone downhill.
More thanks to Romance Ink, Stella Price, and the whole ConComm Crew for continued support to make this event happen.

Couldn't have done this without any of you!

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